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Planting Seeds (The Essentials)

Planting Seeds (The Essentials)

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This program is great for dog owners who just need the essentials covered. We will teach you everything you need to start enjoying your dog again.

Maybe they're embarrassing you when guests come over? Can't seem to stop the barking and jumping, no matter what training you've tried?

Are they dragging you down the street or trying to eat everything off the floor? 

Say hello to calm, enjoyable walks and polite interactions around your loved ones this holiday!

No more worries about them knocking over Grandma or getting into leftovers and ending up at the Emergency Room this Christmas. 

This program is typically completed in 3 weeks in the convenience of your own home and includes:

  • Commands like Quiet, Off, Let's Go and Leave it, so that life with your dog will be much more enjoyable
  • Private one on one coaching
  • Access to FOUR group classes
  • Unlimited trainer support during the program. If you ever have a question or struggle, you don’t have to wait until our next lesson – we’ll help you out right away!
  • Reliability at home
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