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Sprouting Manners (Jump Start)

Sprouting Manners (Jump Start)

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Picture having the confidence that your dog will remain calm around all their favorite distractions. 

What if instead of nearly yanking your arm off every time they see a squirrel, you could actually enjoy a nice walk because they choose to walk next to you? 

Sending them to their bed and staying when you asked them to, so that you aren't tripping over them during dinner or worried about them dashing out the front door. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they always waited for you to tell them when they may or may not go out. No more worries about them escaping and running down the street.

How much of your stress  would start to melt away because these aren't your worries any more?

This program ensures that your dog not only listens in the house, and to your family, but that they also behave themselves on a walk.


This program is typically completed in 5 weeks in your home, and includes:


  • 7 Day Jump Start Boarding in MY home, let us start the work for you
  • Private one on one coaching in person
  • All commands from the essentials package and new commands like Sit, Down, Come, Place and Wait.
  • House, People, & Door Manners so that your dog is calmer and listens the first time around
  • Leash Manners so you can enjoy walks with your dog without getting pulled around distractions
  • Lifetime access to ZOOM Coaching and our private FB group so you don't have to worry about falling behind
  • Unlimited call/text/ emails so you don't have to wait for the next session
  • All Necessary Equipment Included
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